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The Players... Arnelio Delos Reyes

Arnelio Delos Reyes, or "Arnel" for short. He is a Filipino health care professional and has been working in Singapore for 4 years. Tennis was a past time he picked up when he just started working in Singapore and now it has become not only his hobby, but an avid obsession. You can see hitting the tennis courts almost every other day. Much of his free time is spent researching on how to improve his game by reading up online tennis resources found on the web.

Arnel is the most funniest and craziest player that I would have to give the distinction of gracing Regentville's hallowed tennis courts. His game at times are spectacular,and I have no doubts about this shot making abilities. His actions however are at times bordering madness or even insanity which will always leave his opponents as well as partner (if playing doubles) reeling with uncontrollable laughter. Most likely whoever laughs more, will end up losing the point :) His off the court antics and showmanship will put many pro players to shame. If you are feeling down that day or just want to have good fun at the tennis court, Arnel is the person you should go look for he never ceases to amaze me.

Jokes aside, Arnel's game is based on his huge forehand and slice serve. He is right handed and plays with a double handed backhand. Players who make a mistake on hitting short will incur the wrath of his forehand. His slice serve is so deceptive as much pace is taken off when he slices the ball during the serve. You might think that it is an easy put away or sitter waiting to be exploited, but the truth is in fact that when the ball lands into the service box, it has an awkward low skid throwing the receiver off guard. The receiver will most likely have to slice short and that is where his huge forehand comes into the picture. His slice serve forehand set up shot is one of his biggest "one-two" point winning combination. Players who write him off do so at their own peril...

Arnel's racquet of choice is the Babolat Aeropro Drive. The main weapon wielded by Rafael Nadal the sensational teenage "Spanish Bull" and current 2005 French Open champion. Need I tell you who his favorite player is. Make a guess?

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  • I'm Nawin from regentville
  • Residing in Hougang Singapore
  • Racquets: X2 Prince EXO3 Graphite 100 (Main) X3 Wilson K Blade Tour 93 (Backup) Strings: Toalson Ultimate 115 Strung @ 48-50 pounds. Plays: Right Handed (Single Backhand). Shoes: mi Adidas Barricade V Apparel: Lacoste & Adidas Favourite Players: Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic

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