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I was doing some research on trying to get a couple of classic Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 (95 sq inch frames) and found out that Wilson has discontinued manufacturing the Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 indefinitely! Until sometime last year we still could order them through Tennis Warehouse, but according to some posts on the Tennis Warehouse forum, Wilson has decided to totally stop production of this legendary tennis racquet.

The Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 came in two different frames sizes, the famed 85 sq inch version made popular by Pete Sampras and the more forgiving 95 sq inch model. Looks like the only frame classic old school tennis racquet which is still being sold and manufactured now was Michael Chang’s Prince Original Graphite.

The list goes on… For those who were playing in the late 80s to 90s era, who would forget such classic tennis racquets such as the Head Genesis racquets, Wilson’s Profile Hammer and Fan Shaped Sledge Hammer Series, Prince’s CTS Thunder Sticks and Lightning series? Of course there are many others like the fabled Yamaha Secret 04 (specs for the Yamaha Secret 04 racquet here) and EX Series which I used to play with and no longer in production as well as signature series racquet’s such as Ivan Lendl’s Adidas and Mizuno frames. Not forgetting Becker's Puma signature lines but these tennis racquet frames have been long discontinued.

I would rate these racquets below as one of the most classic tennis frames that has been ever produce to this date!

1. Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 (85 sq inch and 95 sq inch models) – (Out of Production)
2. Wilson Pro Staff Classic 6.1.

3. Prince Original Graphite OS (Still currently in production and on sale at Tennis Warehouse)

4. Donnay Pro One OS (No longer in production but Tennis Warehouse sells reissues of the Donnay Pro One original). More Information about the Donnay Pro One Reissues Here.
5. Dunlop Max 200 (Out of Production).
6. Head Prestige Classic (Out of Production).
There are however still a handful of old school tennis racquet players and collectors alike who swear by these old tennis frames. They either still are currently playing with these legendary tennis racquets or have them in their personal collection. Till today many players still prefer the classic weight and old school tennis feel that have been often found missing in today’s newer generation lighter frames. Unfortunately very little resource is available on the internet about old discontinued tennis racquets. There are also very few tennis racquet dealers and collectors who are selling and trading them in the market. In most cases, you can find them off online auction sites such as eBay. If you can find a classic tennis frame available, its either in a really beat up condition or if it’s still in good condition, would cost you exorbitant prices within the range of US$300 to US$500 and sometimes even more or a piece of history!

I have consolidated a list of websites that gives you more information about old discontinued tennis racquets that are no longer in production now. Some of these are really classic, vintage tennis racquets that come in different brands, shapes and sizes with different patented technologies or the era of old that have long been discontinued. I have also listed a couple of old classic racquet frame dealers as well as websites that sell rare tennis racquets and tennis frames. Some of them are either discontinued tennis racquets that are no longer in production or not available for sale in certain countries. These are very rare tennis racquets and frames that you might not have even thought existed and are the original production and not reproductions. When in doubt check with the dealer or get some references.

Rare Discontinued Tennis Racquets
Find and Buy Rare Discontinued Tennis Racquets (Japanese Site).

Another thing to note when purchasing older tennis racquets would be that the frame might have lost its strength especially if it has been used or strung before. The other thing you should worry about are the plastic bumper and grommets that could be brittle over years of use and might break and eat into the racquet frame when strung at a high tension. Its always good to ask if they have new or replacements grommets available. If it’s a really old and rare racquet however, the chances getting a replacement is extremely difficult or next to impossible. Should you still want to play with that frame, try to string it at lower tension and make sure that your stringer places additional plastic tubing into the grommets to reinforce them so that they won’t eat into the original grommets and into the frame of the tennis racquet which can often happen should the grommets give way.
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