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Fake Wilson Tennis Racquet

About a year ago I wrote an article about a fake Babolat Pure Drive and how fake tennis racquets being passed off as genuine item. A year has passed and the counterfeit tennis racquet industry has grown even more in prominence and stature. It has now even got to the point where buyers are scrutinizing each and every aspect of the racquet especially if they intend to purchase 2nd hand or used tennis racquet from an online tennis forum, online auction site or from a racquet trader. Looking at the amount of fake tennis racquets flooding the market, one can hardly blame an overzealous tennis racquet buyer. Let’s face it, one has to be more cautious now… This has generally ruined the market for used or 2nd tennis racquets.

I personally like to demo and review tennis racquets. Here in Singapore, we hardly have access to any demo tennis racquets unlike in the US. What I usually do is to purchase a brand new or used tennis racquet, string the racquet with my preferred strings and tension and then play test them. At the end of my play test, I would write my personal racquet review and then sell the racquet off once I’m done with it. In the past, that was a relatively easy thing to do. You just put up an ad in the local tennis forum or let some of friends or contact know. Depending on the condition of the racquet, popularity of the brand, as well as model and price the racquet, it would be sold relatively quick. A done deal so you say? Absolutely Not! Now I will get inquiries about if the tennis racquet is genuine or fake? If it was a counterfeit from China, or if I had any receipts, papers, guarantee cards or hologram labels to determine its full authenticity? It’s more of a hindrance now to have fake tennis racquets in the market if you personally ask me.

The fake tennis racquets are looking every bit as genuine as their authentic cousins. To make matters worse, In Asia, we do not get the latest tennis racquet models only until two to three months later after the tennis racquet is introduced into the US markets. So one is often extremely tempted to buy a tennis racquet online to be the first to own one here in Singapore. I highly recommend that you’d be careful, as being the first, does not always mean getting an authentic tennis racquet! To the naked eye, it’s very hard to tell if the tennis racquet is genuine or fake now which brings about serious implications to the buyer. What’s worst, is most of the fake tennis racquets are coming out from China which incidentally are where the real or genuine tennis racquets are made under license from the original tennis racquet manufacturers.

Most of the major tennis manufacturers such as Head, Wilson, Babolat, Dunlop, Prince and a few others are produced under license from racquet manufacturing plants in China. The question in one’s mind now is whether this is a genuine or counterfeit tennis racquet? Truth be told, it’s now very difficult to judge unless you really know your tennis racquet. You will also need to take into account where the tennis racquets came from, as although genuine, they might have slight cosmetic differences coming from different factories or batch processes. Like the differences discovered with my genuine Wilson K Factor K Six One 95 Asian tennis racquets.

The Fake K Blade comes with a longer than usual throat.

Recently, there also had been a stir caused by a seller trying to pass off a fake tennis racquet as a genuine one on a local tennis forum. I shall not want to dwell whether it was an accidental or deliberate act or what exactly happened in full detail. If you want to read more about it visit this link to find out about the Fake Wilson K Blade racquet. What I would like to point out is that the fake tennis racquet in this case, a Fake Wilson K Blade had been passed off as a authentic Wilson racquet. Personally it looked like the “Real Deal” to me. There are some obvious distinctions and some of the potential buyers had spotted the differences from a mile away.

Fake K Blade has White letterings instead of Gold letterings that a genuine K Blade comes with.

I got some information courtesy of Reynold a moderator from this forum (TFN). He briefly explains the differences between an original and a fake Wilson K Blade. See more pictures of the Fake Wilson K Blade below.

Screenshot of the TFN forum posting/entry about the Fake Wilson K Blade

There is also some information that about the Chinese based online site that the seller had purchased from. I have not personally verified or authenticated these claims. You can refer more to the posting in the forum about the fake Wilson K Blade. I am however unsure if this counterfeit tennis racquet was supposed to be a Wilson K Blade Tour, Wilson K Blade 98 or Wilson K Blade Team versions.

Check out the Ncode Grommets instead of the K Factor Grommets a dead give away!

This article is to just highlight that a buyer has to really beware of what has been peddled online before they make their purchase, as well as spot the differences between a fake Wilson K Blade compared to a genuine one. I hope this information provided had been useful in your research. I would appreciate if anybody has more information and pictures detailing fake or counterfeit tennis racquets to kindly email me some photos so that I can post them on my site. I want to create more awareness towards fake tennis racquets and how buyers should be wary of them. I am a strong advocate against purchasing fake tennis racquets and will strongly advise anybody from attempting to purchase one.

When it comes to "faking it" even the racquet dampeners are not spared. Genuine K Factor 95 in background.

When in doubt, ask or try to make note of the racquet differences with the genuine one. It’s always safer to err on the safe side by being cautious. Go with the genuine product, its always better that way than getting yourself injured for frustrated when you found out that you have purchased a cheap imitation or fake later on by trying to save a couple of bucks.

Here's something you probably might have not noticed the trimmings on the racquet cover.

More images and description of the Fake Wilson K Blade can be found here. Thanks to Reynold a moderator from TFN for sending me the pictures and detailed description on the differences between a genuine and fake Wilson K Blade tennis racquet.

I really don't like to buy a racquet which is not original and I don't agree with piracy, but how different they are in specs ? Original racquets vary too much from ones to anothers. You've write others posts about the poor wilson quality control, so in the end, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE ? I pay a lot for an original racquet which isn't as expected either.

Hi Nawin,

Your last article made me wanted to buy no more wilson products since there are so many fakes in market nowadays. In my country, there are no guarantee each product is original. So, I guess wilson fans should be aware of this and take carefull observation before purchasing rackets.

Well it's really a tough call. While even genuine Wilson tennis racquets have issues and fake Wilson tennis racquets are more rampant these days, we also shouldn't discount the fact that Wilson is still one of world's major racquet manufacturers. They still have a strong global following and have been around for a long time. This must be for a good reason. So don't get me wrong... I am not trying to tell you NOT to buy a Wilson tennis racquet.

As demand for the sport of tennis grows, so too mass manufacturing and marketing. We gradually find more quality control issues and shoddy manufacturing standards. To make matter's worst, we now have to contend with piracy and counterfeit tennis racquets.

The point I am trying to bring across is that one has to be more careful either with a purchasing a genuine racquet due to differences in specs, as well as to watch for fake tennis racquets. It's really getting more difficult for the consumer to tell what they are getting into these days. The market has apparently evolved and now the onus is upon us, the consumer, to be weary.

I am a fan of Wilson. Back in my old glory days of Junior tennis I used the Prostaff but I have been put off with the Ncode series. I recently read a review entitled the Best Tennis Rackets and I wanted to know what people thought of their rankings?

Is the new Federer racket really like the original Prostaff like they claim?

Well my frien in US you can try a demo just with a little CC deposit.

Prince is from China and Babolat is designed in France but the manufatured is located in China and probably the Nikes are using anow ann the underware are fom Bijine.

I believe the website tennismainland.com is a identical website to that noted by you in the forum and thus also sells the same fake rackets

Do you have any info on spotting a fake KBlade Tour? I purchased two off a local tennis pro. He said he got them directly from Wilson. I didn't really question him since he teaches at a local school.

wilson k factor kblade 98 the tm befor 98 or befor the k

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