Babolat Tennis Racquet Review

Extensive reviews on most popular Babolat tennis racquet models from Tennis Warehouse. Features major Babolat racquets such as the lengendary Babolat Aero Pro Drive, Babolat Pure Drive Team Standard and many more Babolat racquets...

Babolat AeroPro Racquets Review

Babolat AeroPro Drive Racquet Review

Racquet choice of 2005 French Open Champion, Rafael Nadal.Offers plenty of pop, spin and good accuracy from a crisp response. 100 sq. inch headsize, 11.3 ounces.

Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus Racquet Review
Intermediate and advanced players seeking added power and spin will find a willing partner with this racquet. 27.5 inches long, 100 square inch headsize, 11.3 ounces.

Babolat AeroPro Control Racquet Review
We found excellent control, spin and slightly more pop compared to the Pure Control with this one. Standard length (27 inches), 98 sq. inch headsize, 16/19 string pattern.

Babolat AeroPro Control Plus Racquet Review
A solid choice for 4.5+ level players who are looking to add some weight, pace and control to their shots. 27.5 inches long, 98 sq. inch headsize, 12 ounces strung, 16/19 string pattern.

Babolat Pure Team Racquets Review

Babolat Pure Drive Team Standard Racquet Review
Babolat's best selling racquet offers a high level of stability and comfort. Racquet choice of many touring pros including Carlos Moya and 2005 US Open Champ, Kim Clijsters.

Babolat Pure Drive Team Plus Racquet Review
Andy Roddick's racquet of choice. Many shared attributes with the Pure Drive Team Standard but with more heft, reach, and power. 100 sq. inch head. 27.5" frame length.

Babolat Pure Drive Oversize Racquet Review
Light and maneuverable, offering plenty of spin, power and control. A racquet with broad appeal. Suitable for 3.5-4.5 players. 10.3 ounces, 27.5 inches long. Tennis Magazine Editors' Choice winner 2003.

Babolat Pure Storm Team Racquet Review
A lightweight control racquet that provides a solid feel at impact and is suited to a variety of playing styles. 11 ounces, 98 square inch headsize and 16/20 string pattern.

Babolat Pure Storm Team MP Racquet Review
Light and with a little more pop than most control oriented racquets. Well suited to players with fast swings seeking a little larger sweetspot. 10.7 ounces, 103 square inch headsize.

Babolat Pure Control Team Plus Racquet Review
Increased reach and leverage with a heavier swingweight than the Pure Control Standard. 11.9 ounces, 98 square inch head.

Babolat Pure Control Team Standard Racquet Review
Traditional weight and balance in a standard, 27-inch length. Ideal for 4.5-7.0 level players who generate their own power and are seeking enhanced control. 11.8 ounces, 98 sq. inch head.

Babolat Pure Control Team Plus MP Racquet Review
A traditional feeling, control oriented racquet with longer (27.5 inch) length and a slightly larger midplus head size (100 square inches). Nicely dampened sweetspot!

Babolat Pure Control Team Std. MP Racquet Review
Delivers a dampened, clean feel. Perfect for control oriented players who like traditional 27 inch length to go with a more forgiving and slightly larger 100 square inch head.

Babolat Soft Drive Racquet Review
Light, spin friendly and offering surprising stability thanks to a slightly head heavy balance, this one is a great choice for the player looking to add some pace and spin to an all court game. Standard length. 106 square inch headsize. 10 ounces.

Right Tennis Footwear & Tennis Apparel

Good tennis footwear, tennis shoes and tennis apparel are a must when you take to the tennis courts. Many individuals from social players to more the advance players tend to take this for granted. Rather then opting for the more practical choices, most individuals are often swayed by the latest fashion trends and cool fancy appearance of the latest line of tennis footwear or apparel worn by their favorite tennis players. Common sense usually takes a secondary role when making a fashion statement. I myself have been a slave to this during my younger years. But after having invested in a substantial sum of money in a couple of really bad tennis shoes, footwear and apparel, I have learnt to restrain myself from these fashion craving and urges somewhat.

This statement is NOT only directed to tennis players but to individuals who participate in any sports alike. You must have heard of the saying "No Two Feet Are Alike". A tennis shoe or whatever sports footwear, apparel or equipment (i.e tennis racquet) worn by certain sports celebrities would have most likely undergone a rigid selection process of color, design as well as a standard customization to their personal liking. What we usually see in the stores are the standard factory issue of the finished product and might differ slightly or greatly than what the pros use. Appearance wise, these sports accessories like identical, but most of the items have undergone a rigid customization process which we are not aware of.

A search on the internet would yield some fascinating information about the "customized" sports apparel or sports equipment used by the pros. There was an article a couple of years back about Tiger Woods using customized balls made by Nike not available to the general public. There are some articles as well about customized tennis racquets and equipment that the tennis pros use if you do a regular search on Google. Today many major sports footwear manufacturers have been quick to realize the potential of the customized sports footwear and sports apparel market, offering personal customization services to the general public. As far as I know, Adidas was first to start this with their MI Adidas sports shoe and sports footwear customization program at close to twice the cost of their standard factory models. Some degree of basic tennis racquet customization have been also made available for tennis racquets through the use of lead tape and some basic tools. These services and suggestions have been offered by Tennis Warehouse. Most of us are not touring professionals, but we can try to make the best use of what's available in the market to suite our individual needs and preferences to get the best amount of comfort and value without breaking the bank or any part of the body in the process :)

In terms of tennis footwear, get a good pair of tennis shoes that will not only last, but provide the additional support for ankle, feet and knees. Cushioning and support are thus crucial and makes a huge difference of having an enjoyable game of tennis or a day spent at the doctor's getting pain killers! This article gives a good detailed description of choosing the right pair athletic footwear. The starting paragraph of this article emphasizes:

"The best shoe isn't necessarily the most expensive pair or the one with the latest hot colors. It's all about the shoe that fits you and performs well for you".

Get Dressed For Success? This is very true when you talk about tennis apparel and clothing. Always try to wear light colored loose clothes made of thin material. The new lightweight breathable materials made from polyester like Adidas' "Climalite", Nike's "Dry Fit", Reebok's "Play Dry" and a whole list of propriety patented technologies for a whole range of various sports apparel manufacturers that describe their breathable clothing and apparel line. This kind of materials not only allows heat to dissipate from your body, but keeps your body dry during long games as it does not absorb much perspiration. On the whole, the player will feel more comfortable on court and will be able to concentrate more at the game in hand.

Tennis wrist bands, sweat bands, head bands bandanas and caps greatly help in absorbing the additional perspirationn and keep sweat out of the eyes. If you sweat alot, it can be a huge distraction in the game when ever you're serving as well as hitting the ball as this requires alot of hand eye coordination. If sweat keeps dripping into your eyes, it runs the risk of ruining a good shot. Tennis wrist bands serves a dual purpose, it helps you mop up any additional sweat from your forehead as well as keep sweat dripping down from your arm to your tennis grip, keeping it dry. A soaked tennis grip will make hitting a real pain, as the tennis racquet will be constantly slipping out of your hands when you try to make a shot.

In conclusion, a good combination of the right tennis footwear and tennis attire can make a big difference in your game. Try to get the best of whatever you can afford to not only get the "best bang for the buck" but something which will allow you to enjoy the game of tennis while getting the optimal results you want. Hope this helps, Good Luck!
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