Mi Adidas Custom Barricade Tennis Shoes

After around a month wearing my custom Adidas Barricade IV, I quickly came to the realization that custom shoes were really ideal for me. Sure, they cost a lot more compared to off the shelf Adidas Barricade IV’s which could be easily purchased in Queensway for around SGD$125 to SGD$135, but if you’re severely flat footed like me, these custom tennis shoes were a dream come true. Coupled with the additional Adidas Geo Fit technology, that came with MI Adidas Customization process for my Adidas Barricade IV, it was indeed a worthwhile investment for me. As mentioned in my previous article below, I also managed to extend the lifespan of my tennis shoes by using Shoo Goo a highly strong, adhesive, glue like substance to repair and prolong the soles of your tennis shoes due to the constant daily wear and tear that frequent use in the tennis court causes. Article on how to repair and prolong the life you’re your tennis shoes here.

In conclusion, the MI Adidas Customization for my first Adidas Barricade IV was indeed something I never regretted. From the very beginning I knew that the MI Custom process for my tennis shoes will be a great benefit for me. I have never encountered any severe pains felt on my heel or foot ever since. My tennis toe problem has since got better after the switch. I was so impressed and happy with my first pair of custom Adidas Barricades (article on how I customized my Adidas Barricade IV here) I ordered my 2nd pair of Custom Adidas Barricade IVs as my first one was already rather worn but still relatively in good use having prolonged its sole lifespan with Shoe Goo.

This time I didn’t have to go through the entire MI Adidas custom process but only have to choose the colors which I wanted. After 3 weeks I got my 2nd pair of custom Adidas Barricade IVs. I choose relatively the same color schemes keeping the black and orange, but choose to use Navy Blue instead of Grey this time. To me I wanted something dark this time. The end result wasn’t what I was truly looking for but, It still look relatively OK with me. I am just looking forward to customizing my next Adidas Barricade V’s the next time round.

More photos and images of my 2nd pair of Custom Barricade IVs here.

Tennis Shoe Repair

My last pair of custom Adidas Barricade IV using MI Adidas Custom Technology had lasted me over a year, not bad for regular hard court usage. It only lasted me for around 8 months or so until I found noticeable wear on the soles of my MI Custom Adidas Barricade IVs. In general, I found that the Adidas Barricade shoes to have a long history of being pretty durable compared to other major tennis shoe brands. The most common problems that I found with most tennis shoes (including the Adidas Barricades) were that the sole wears out much faster than the top section. You can therefore still have a pair of tennis shoes in immaculate condition, but the sole on your tennis shoes have been worn down to its rubber insoles. Tennis shoes soles in general, are simply not durable enough to withstand lengthy use over long periods of time.

Depending on the type of player you are, your weight, style of play, tennis court surface, model and brand of your tennis shoes you might get varying shoe wear results and wear patterns on your tennis shoes. Customized tennis shoes are no exception. No matter on what surface you play on, your tennis shoes cannot last for many months if you’re using them on a regular basis for tennis. Well that is what I thought initially until I discovered this shoe sole repair kit called Shoe Goo from Penguin which I bought from Royal Sporting House. I found out that you can actually either repair or prolong the effects of wear and tear on your tennis shoes substantially. These shoe sole saver applications comes in a tube similar to that of super glue you’ll just have to follow the instructions found at the back of the Shoe Goo Tube. Something that would either repair or prolong the wear effects on your tennis shoe soles! To date, my first pair of custom Adidas Barricade IV have lasted me for about a year and I am still using them.

Penguin's Shoe Goo which seems to last longer than the "other" Shoe Goo

I had used both Penguin’s Shoe Goo (more information about Penguin's Shoe Goo Here) and Unique Sport’s Shoe Mend. These shoe sole saver application are generally made of a special formulated adhesive with extra abrasion resistance to extend the life of shoes and found much success with the Penguin’s Shoe Goo compared to Unique Sport’s Shoe Mend mainly due to the durability and the length of time that the glue had stayed on the shoe sole without being worn out as well as the number of times I can use the application. In terms of value for money, Penguin Shoe Goo tends to last longer and comes in a larger quantity compared to Shoe Mend. My Penguin Shoe Goo would last me around 4 to 5 applications. Shoe mend would only last 2 applications. This will be however different for every case depending on how much wear your current shoe already has.

I am not sure however if Shoe Goo had repackaged their product, or if there were two different companies having the same similar product name. I had bought two different kinds of Shoe Goo shoe sole repair kits. The first Shoe Goo (other Shoe Goo brand here) kit did not last me as long compared to the repackaged one under the Penguin shoe care label seemed to have lasted me slightly longer. It could be due to actually two different Shoe Goo brands. One under the Penguin shoe care label and the other under under label. The Shoe Goo under the Penguin shoe care label. Penguin's Shoe Goo could be using a different or new formula to it to make it harder and less resistant to peeling off.

With Shoe Goo, I managed to prolong the lifespan of my tennis shoes significantly and I have been using them without any issues for about a year now. The only downside is that when the courts are damp or wet, the shoes that have Shoo Goo on it would not have appropriate traction and you might be prone to slipping and falling therefore I would highly advise to not use them on wet or damp playing surfaces or while walking on wet of slippery floors. Incidentally, I have also customized my 2nd pair of Adidas Barricade IV as I found them worth every penny. Images of my 2nd pair of Custom Adidas Barricade IV Tennis Shoes here.
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