mi Adidas Barricade V Tennis Shoes

My second pair of mi Adidas barricade IV tennis shoes have been already worn out and I decided it was finally time to get another pair of mi Adidas custom tennis shoes. The mi Adidas Barricade IV had been already phased out, so I had to go with Adidas' latest mi Adidas Barricade V custom tennis shoes.

Tsonga had recently worn a bright yellow custom mi Adidas Barricade V tennis shoes for the Australian Open aka "TSONGA 7" and the base colors looked really cool. It sort of reminded me of "Bumble Bee" from the Transformers. I thus got the base color using a yellow and black theme. I would have love to stick to the "TSONGA 7" theme colors, but unfortunately for the mi Adidas Barricade V, you were NOT allowed to have different colored Adidas stripes for the inner and outer base section of the shoes. If I were to stick with black stripes, similar to the "TSONGA 7", the stripes will NOT stand out against the black background on the inner base part of the shoe which can be seen in the image below.

As you can see the "TSONGA 7" does not have the black stripes clearly visible on the inner base of the shoe (left shoe)

I thus choose to stick with the main theme colors but used Slime Green or Lime Green for the stripes instead and silver base eyelets instead of gold. The end result was achieved with the Slime Green stripes contrasting against the black inner base.

What I like about & what could be better improved on the mi Adidas Barricade V.

What I like about:
1. Nicer custom colors but still limited to the main base colors.

2. Lighter compared to the Barricade IV. Note this is not a mi Adidas issue but Adidas Barricade Vs are known to be generally more lightweight compared to the Barricade IVs.

3. Having the ability to go online to customize your mi Adidas Barricade V and choose your own color custom color themes. This feature however is only available on the US site and not the Singapore site.

Can be better improved:
1. No Geo Fit sock liner option. The Geo Fit Sock liner provides added stability and cushioning for the ankle and provides for a better fit. I would say that this is the main highlight which really disappointed me as I feel that the Geo Fit option is really a critical part of the shoe and stands outs from the normal off the shelf versions.

2. Customized name on the rubber sole instead of being stitched on compared to the mi Adidas Barricade IV. I liked the more customized stitched on feel of your name on the canvas material rather than the name just being embossed on the rubber sole section. The printing on the rubber is also very small and cannot be really noticed.

3. Cannot customize different names on each shoe. This option was also not available for the mi Adidas Barricade IV. But this is a very simple add on as it would be really neat to have customize words for each shoe instead of a standard word on each side of the shoe.

4. Limited international flag option for the tongue. When we did a mass customization for the Regentville tennis team, some of my tennis players wanted the Philippines flag on their mi Adidas Barricade V although the Singapore flag was available, the flag option for the Philippines, Thailand or Malaysia was not available for the mi Adidas Barricade V.

5. Not being able to customize different colors stripes on the outer and inner base. As mentioned earlier, I was not able to customize the inner and outer Adidas 3 stripes on the inner and outer base of the shoe this issue was also prevalent with the mi Adidas Barricade IV but was restricted to one standard color. I couldn't use the "TSONGA 7" theme in the end, as if I were to choose black, the 3 stripes would not stand out against the black inner base of the shoe which was indeed a pity. If there were the option to choose two colors for the stripes one for the inner and one of the outer it would be really neat.

6. The wider the feet the longer the shoe. As with my previous Adidas Barricade IV, the width and the shoe design have always been an issue with severely flat footed people like myself. Although the mi Adidas shoes fit extremely well in terms of comfort, since I was going for the wide option on my feet the shoes had to be built longer. A regular size US size 8.5 for me would have to go to a customized US size 10. So all my mi Adidas shoes would physically look longer or bigger but fits well.

7. More custom colors would be great. I love orange, and I used orange exclusively for my stripes on both my custom Barricade IV. Orange was not available for the Barricade V this time round. More color selection would be fantastic. I have had lots of questions if you can customize your mi Adidas shoes to your own color theme. The answer is NO. While you can choose your very own colors there are a standard color theme that you are allowed to choose from. You cannot customize the shoe according to whatever colors you want. I would really like to see some variations of lighter blue (i.e. Djokovic's Blue CC Genius), army green and orange from mi Adidas in the future ;)


Despite having more items that can be "better improved", I still personally consider the mi Adidas Barricade V one of the best tennis shoes available in the market today. It has great stability and durability compared to any other tennis shoes that I have personally used in the market today. Remember if you have feet problems like myself, mi Adidas customization provides not only greater support, comfort and fantastic fit but will greatly save your knees and legs in the long run. I strongly advocate mi Adidas if you have flat feet problems. Do keep in mind that spending a little more on your feet is a worthwhile investment. There is no use trying to save a couple of bucks and destroying your feet in the process.

The end result... More images of my mi Adidas Barricade V here.

Incidentally, Fernando Verdasco has just recently switched to mi Adidas Barricade V as well.

Regentville versus Haig Hills

The Regentville tennis team kick started the 2009 campaign with an inter condo friendly tennis match against Haig Hills tennis. The team from Haig Hills comprises of of mostly Indonesian expats based here in Singapore.

Regentville and Haig Hills tennis team photo

We were fortunate to squeeze in 11 matches as the weather had threatened to rain all along. A total of 11 matches were played. 8 mens doubles, 1 ladies doubles and 2 mixed doubles before rain finally stopped play with two hours remaining.

Ivan (right) Haig Hills tennis team organizer and me.

As always, I am grateful to Haig Hills organizer Ivan Surjadi who had been coordinating this tennis friendly with us for the last couple of months, as bad weather and other commitments had kept us from organizing this friendly tennis match earlier. On behalf of the Regentville tennis team, I would like to thank Ivan and his team from Haig Hills tennis for making this friendly tennis match a success and look forward to the return leg at Haig Courts condo.

More Photos of Regentville versus Haig Hills tennis here.
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