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Regentville Tennis Blog has a new domain

Regentville Tennis Blog gets a new domain! I have finally decided to switch to a new standalone domain for the Regentville Tennis Blog. Since I started the blog back in, August 2005, traffic has been increasing steadily and the Regentville Tennis Blog had been ranking pretty well in tennis related keywords in Google and Yahoo. I decided to switch to something more easier to remember and shorter to type.

Having my own domains adds a unique value and stands out compared to having a general Blogger – Blogspot account. I anticipate a drop in traffic as well as rankings pretty soon due to the change in url. For those who have been regularly reading my blog, please update your bookmarks to reflect my new url. The Regentville Tennis Blog is now on www.regentville.com instead of regentville.blogspot.com My old urls, links as well as articles will now be redirected to my new regentville.com domain so no worries about not finding any of my tennis related articles or articles pertaining to the Regentville Tennis Blog.

A big Thank You to Blogger for providing this interface for allowing me to easily switch domains and still host my content with them. I strongly recommend Blogger for the ease of use and the ability to allow you to use your own domain without having to lose your content and hosting capabilities with Blogger. More information on how to do this can be found here.

I would like to also thank all my local and international readers who have sent me comments as well as emails to lend your support, feedback and suggestions. The aim of the Regentville Tennis Blog was originally intended to be sort of a tennis networking site for all the Regentville condo tennis players, but it has grown into a more tennis resource oriented site.

A mention has to be also given to all my related tennis partner sites as well as tennis related blogs (check out my links section) that who have shown their support and friendship by placing a link to the Regentville Tennis Blog on their respective websites and blogs.

I would also apologies the people who have asked me to add links on my site to theirs but was turned down as I only accept links to tennis related content or blogs to enhance the quality and relevance of the site (all content and links has to be tennis related). Thank you for your understanding in this matter. I however welcome any new tennis related links, articles or suggestions that you might have. I sincerely hope that you find my articles informative and enjoyable to all my readers as well as for all your continued support. Do not forget again to update your bookmarks. The Regentville Tennis Blog as a new domain at www.regentville.com

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